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We offer you the experience of fully data-driven electronic invoicing, with the security of the infrastructure provided by the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV).

The benefits of Invoice Proxy
The benefits of Invoice Proxy

Reduced risks, increased efficiency

NAV XML-based e-invoice is the Hungarian tax authority’s new e-invoicing concept, also supported through legislation, in which the traditional image-based approach is replaced by a data-based one.

Reduced risks

Increased efficiency and sustainability

Reduced risks

Increased efficiency

Main functions & Key values

XML conversion

Converts the XML data format of the ERP’s own invoice to the NAV XML e-invoice format.

Breaking barriers

Provides a solution to access functions not supported by NAV XML e-invoice (B2C invoice management, archiving).

Readable invoice image

Makes it easy for colleagues to view and manage XML documents that are difficult to read.


InvoiceProxy is invisibly integrated into the NAV Online Invoice data link already available in the existing invoicing system.

Highly efficient

InvoiceProxy replaces several elements of the invoice chain, substantially reducing its complexity.


The XML-based invoice image paves the way for full automation, significantly simplifying the administrative and control tasks of the parties involved.

The Invoice Proxy is


Through our InoviceProxy service, your existing ERP system can be integrated with the NAV XML e-invoice system with just a few clicks.

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Who is NAV XML-based electronic invoicing available to?

NAV’s service is available free of charge to all invoice issuers with a Hungarian tax number. There are both legal and technological requirements for using the service, and you may need[ZS1] InvoiceProxy to meet them.

If the invoicing system already has a NAV Online Invoice data link, integration can be completed within a few days as InvoiceProxy is integrated into the existing data feed.

No, they are two different systems. With NAV Online Invoicing, only traditional, digitally signed PDF-based electronic invoices can be issued. However, the data reporting provided by NAV XML electronic invoice and NAV Online Invoice can be considered as the same, as the same XML document is generated to issue the invoice and to report the invoice data.

These invoices do not include a digital signature, nor is it necessary to obtain a separate digital signature for them. This is because the checking of the invoice content and the authenticity and integrity of the content is ensured by NAV using a different technology when the invoices are submitted for mandatory reporting. InvoiceProxy automatically generates and stores for you the so-called hash traces created during the verification process and associated with the invoices. This technology is also free of charge and hassle.

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