Automate your Invoices with TaxConsole

Our TaxConsole application allows access to NAV’s digital services directly from your computer.

The benefits of Tax Console
The benefits of Tax Console

An efficient tool for new challenges

TaxConsole allows users to quickly navigate tasks for complex or bulk invoice data management without the need for NAV’s complex portal and supports export in CSV, JSON formats for further data analysis.

More effective customer service

TaxConsole mitigates the need for special tech know-how. It integrates seamlessly with NAV making invoice reporting administration and analysis easier.

Online invoice audit or subsequent data reporting?

NAV’s digital services offer a wealth of new possibilities that are not only available to developers of invoicing and accounting software. Get to know these and use them in your everyday life!

  • Available on Windows and Mac
  • With expert support
  • Well documented

Integration? Automation?

With our external, platform-independent application, you can easily break through the constraints of the systems you currently use, which have so far hindered the automation of your invoice reporting and receiving processes. If you can’t find a solution, let us know and we will help!

Runs in Windows and Linux environments alike

Support for CSV, JSON and custom XML formats

Expert support included


We have collected what we think are the most important ones.
What is a console application?
A console application is a standalone executable that does not have the usual graphical user interface. You can start it in a terminal window by typing the name of the application, followed by the parameters and switches needed to start a particular function (command). The result of the command is either displayed in the same terminal window or saved in a document (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet), which you can then open in the traditional way (e.g. with Microsoft Office or Numbers).
The terminal window’s command line interface can be unusual and daunting at first ̶ but it holds a lot of value. Developers use it regularly, and if you have a bit of technological affinity, as a consultant you can quickly learn and get accustomed to using it. You can use the command line to solve many tasks faster and more efficiently than with other tools. Further, it also supports software automation effectively by making these applications easily accessible from other applications without additional development (software bots).
Any number. It is the number of licenses you purchase that limits the number of entities you can set up on your machine.
No. The console application runs only on the machine on which it is launched. The TaxConsole application does not have any components running in the cloud either, as it communicates directly from your machine to the NAV Online Invoice System. For this reason, the data you have retrieved from the NAV servers will appear on your own computer only, and the data you have submitted from your own computer will be uploaded to the NAV servers only.
By purchasing a licence, you will also have automatic and unlimited access to all updates, whether issued for compliance with new rules, or to fix bugs. In addition to the licence, we can provide ongoing technical and expert support for the use of the application for an additional (annual) fee. Please use the form below to contact us for more details.
When you install and configure a context on your computer, you can not only enter the ID of the related entity, but also, among other things, whether it will be connected to the test or live environment of the NAV Online Invoice System. This makes it easy to create an environment that will be suitable for running tests, as you will never interact with the live NAV system through such an environment.

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